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Riga airport new terminal

The Riga Airport’s new terminal, the total cost can reach up to 100 million euros, It’s not a business project, and it will never be possible to recover, said the Riga international airport director Arnis Luhse.

New Riga international airport terminal

At the same time he was in an interview given Business Day points out that a new airport terminal project needs to be carried. “The existing terminal is far too small, it can serve three million people a year. We have to reckon with the so-called peak, the passenger congestion, which has twice in the morning and one – in the evening. Then people sit on each other’s head. Peak hours is significantly too small for the screening lines. Similarly, the problem is now in passenger baggage handling – we are the only airport in Europe, serving five million passengers and their baggage are assembled by hand – we simply can not set up automatic equipment because there is no where to put it, ” said Luhse.

At present it is an issue the terminal necessary financing. Luhse said: “The project we will have enough money for the construction – their own money will not be enough. Thus remains whether the investor attraction, or the use of money, but it will only be possible in the next EU cash acquisition period starting in 2014. The government has identified that it will not participate in the project. ”

At the same time could soon be planned to implement a new VIP passenger area, the establishment of the project by investing in one million, and the money invested regains a couple of years, to the East at the expense of neighbors.

So this is positive news for everyone. Riga transfers will have new customers and customers will have a better service.

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